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How do I care for my Stelluca bag?
  Sailcloth bags can be put in the washing machine on a gentle and/or cold cycle.  If possible, set the spin cycle to minimum so that any buckles don't damage your washing machine.  Hang dry.

If you have a vinyl bag, wipe it clean with mild soap and water and hang to dry.
What is the difference between 'upcycling' and 'recycling'?
  When something is recycled, it is broken down and made into something new. A more appropriate term would be 'downcycling.' A can of soda is a good example: someone uses the can to drink the soda, puts the can in the recycling, and it is broken down and converted back to raw aluminum.

Upcycling is when you take products in their current state and re-purpose them. It is like recycling, but rather than breaking the materials down they are instead used in their current state to make something new. Our bags are a perfect example of upcycling, because we use materials in the state that they are in to make a bag. Some of the materials we use are leftovers from industry, like vinyl truck tarp cut-offs or discontinued seat belt colors; others are leftovers from recreational purposes, like sails and bicycle tire inner tubes.
What parts of your bags have upcycled, or recycled parts?
Reclaimed Sails   One of the main materials for our bags is sailcloth. Luckily, we know some sailors and they know to contact us before they add another sail to a landfill!
Reclaimed Vinyl   Another material we use a lot of is reclaimed vinyl. We find items like old or miss-printed banners and flags to cut up. We also use cut-offs from the making of soft-sided trucks.

Seat belts   We have a source for auto and aircraft webbing that, for either strength or aesthetic reasons, didn't make the cut. We are happy to say that although this webbing won't hold the 6000+ pounds they should, they'll be able to hold whatever you can fit in our bags.

Sail Numbers   Some of our bags have original sail numbers or letters. To decorate our many bags without lettering, we frequent sail lofts to pick up their cut-offs of sail number insignia. We then cut out our own designs and attach them. This is one of the things that sets Stelluca aside from other sailbag manufacturers.

Sewing Machines   Even the sewing machines are reused. We brought three sewing machines with us from Germany. Each is 40 to 50 years old and has been recently rebuilt. They are almost as beautiful as our bags (see header above!).